COOLIEF* Thoracic Cooled Radiofrequency System for Thoracic Facet Joint Pain

Finally, an Innovative RF Solution to Chronic Thoracic Pain

“Variable medial branch paths in the thoracic region make the clinical outcomes of conventional RF ablation inconsistent. The internally Cooled RF electrodes can achieve ablation of larger tissue volumes and may increase the probability of capturing the targeted thoracic medial branch nerves.”1
– Mekhail, Clinical Journal of Pain, 2011

Large volume lesion size and position compensate for the variable course of the medial branch nerve, especially in the mid-thoracic levels.

Radiofrequency neurotomy is recognized as an effective minimally invasive treatment for chronic pain originating in the facet joints. But in order to deliver relief for patients suffering from debilitating pain, successful RF lesioning requires reaching the pain source. Until now, a major challenge in effectively treating chronic thoracic facet pain has been the variable course of the medial branch nerve, particularly at levels T5 to T8.1

The COOLIEF* Thoracic Cooled RF System uses revolutionary cooling technology for thoracic medial branch neurotomy. Unlike conventional RF, the COOLIEF* Cooled RF System enables placement of a large volume, spherical, repeatable lesion that is optimized in size and position to compensate for the variable nerve course, which increases the probability of capturing the target medial branch nerve.

  • Using an ipsilateral oblique approach, while visualizing the bony landmark under fluoroscopy, the introducer is advanced toward the target at the superolateral aspect of the transverse process.
  • Radiopaque marker on the probe tip for enhanced visualization helps confirm placement.

The COOLIEF* Cooled RF Pain Management System is a revolution in radiofrequency technology – giving physicians the power of targeted treatment for symptomatic patients, even in difficult to treat spine anatomy.

Coolief Thoracic Cooled RF – Animated Video


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