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The Truth Shouldn’t Hurt

The Truth Shouldn't Hurt But choosing the wrong non-opioid postoperative therapy can. Watch this video to hear Lucy S. Hostetter, MD thoughts on Heron’s investigational drug, HTX-011 FACT-CHECKING THE NEW…
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Pre-Filling for your ON-Q* Pumps

PRE-FILLING FOR YOUR ON-Q* PUMPS We have a variety of options for filling your ON-Q* Pain Relief System pumps With ongoing national drug shortages in effect since late last year,…
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Strategies to Keep your Patients from Forming a Deadly Addiction to Opioids after Surgery

Did you know the chances of opioid dependence can begin within just three days of initial opioid use? Even a one-day opioid prescription poses a 6 percent risk of long-term…
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Besides Addiction, Opioids Have Lots of Negative Side Effects

Besides Addiction, Opioids Have Lots of Negative Side Effects According to the Mayo Clinic, an estimated 5 to 8 million Americans use opioids for chronic pain. That’s a lot of…
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It’s a matter of days

EVERY DAY YOUR PATIENT TAKES OPIOIDS their risk of forming a deadly addiction increases Dependency can begin within 3 days of opioid use1 You have the power to defuse the…
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Why Non Opioid Pain Medicine is More Important than Ever

Opioids have traditionally played an important role in pain management for patients after total knee arthroplasty (TKA). However, in light of the growing opioid epidemic, researchers are taking a harder…
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