COOLIEF* SINERGY* Sacroiliac Cooled Radiofrequency for Sacroiliac Joint Syndrome

Cooling Technology Delivers the RF Solution to SIJ Pain

“… Radiofrequency denervation of the L4 and L5 primary dorsal rami and S1-S3 lateral branches may provide significant pain relief and functional improvement in carefully selected patients with suspected sacroiliac joint pain.”1
– Cohen, S. Anesthesiology, 2008

Large volume lesions ablate the variable target neural structures between the posterior sacral foramina and the painful SI joint.

Sacroiliac joint pain is estimated to cause between 15% and 20% of chronic axial low back pain.1 The treatment of SI joint pain is widely acknowledged to be one of the most challenging conditions pain physicians face, and until recently, there were few reliably effective treatments.1,2

Radiofrequency neurotomy is well-established as an effective minimally invasive treatment for zygapophysial (facet) joint pain. But in the SI joint, anatomical studies show wide variability in the innervation of the anterior joint.2 The challenge in effectively treating SI joint pain is capturing the afferent lateral branches coursing between the painful SI region and the posterior sacral foramina.

COOLIEF* SINERGY* Sacroiliac Cooled RF System uses revolutionary cooling technology for sacroiliac joint denervation. The COOLIEF* Cooled RF System enables placement of large volume, spherical lesions that are optimized in size and position to compensate for the variable nerve course, compared to a flat lesion created with conventional RF.

  • Cooling technology allows for higher power delivery and a larger volume of treated tissue than conventional RF, without risk of adjacent tissue charring.
  • In a randomized, placebo-controlled study, at 3-months post-procedure, 64% of patients obtained pain relief of 50% or greater and saw clinically relevant functional improvement.1
  • Multi-Cooled RF Module enables placement of up to four lesions at once, reducing procedure time to improve OR utilization.

The COOLIEF* Cooled RF Pain Management System is a revolution in radiofrequency technology – giving physicians the power of targeted treatment for symptomatic patients, even in difficult to treat spine anatomy.

Coolief Sinergy Cooled RF – Animated Video


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