Managing Patient Experience After Total Joint Replacement

The role of CPNBs in Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is a complex issue that may be correlated with factors other than a good outcome. In a study of patients undergoing total hip or knee joint replacement, patient-reported outcome measures such as age, gender, and comorbidities did not actually impact satisfaction. In this study, pain control and expectation-setting practices proved to be more significant factors[i].

Clinical Analysis: CPNBs Improve Patient Satisfaction After Total Joint Replacement analyzes the variables involved in an episode of care as they relate to patient experience. Download this brief to see:

  • Which factors impact patient satisfaction scores
  • A comparison of pain management modalities for TKA
  • How regional analgesic techniques have evolved

[i] Hamiton DF, Lane JV, Gaston P, Patton JT, MacDonald D, Simpson AHRW, Howie CR. What determines patient satisfaction with surgery? A prospective cohort study of 4709 patients following total joint replacement. BMJ Open 2013; 3.

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