COOLIEF* TRANSDISCAL* Cooled Radiofrequency Probe


The COOLIEF* Cooled RF System enables placement of large volume, spherical lesions in nervous and disc tissue without increased risk of adjacent tissue damage. The unique, patented, water-cooled technology unleashes the potential for a host of current and future RF treatment options for chronic spinal, knee and hip pain, to help give patients the quality of life they deserve. COOLIEF* TRANSDISCAL* Cooled Radiofrequency Probe is inserted through a COOLIEF* TRANSDISCAL* Introducer into the intervertebral disc. Sterile water circulates internally to cool the COOLIEF* TRANSDICAL* Probe while it delivers radiofrequency (RF) energy. Thermocouples in the COOLIEF* TRANSDISCAL* Probe measure cooled electrode temperature throughout the procedure. Connects to generator for RF energy delivery. Circulating sterile water allos for higher power delivery and larger volume of treated tissue, while minimizing risk of tissue adherence. Temperature sensor ensures appropriate thermal gradient in target tissue. Radiopaque marker defines location under fluoroscopy for enhanced visualization.

Product Features

  • Sterile
  • Single Use
  • Comprised of an electrically insulated shaft with an active tip that functions as an electrode for RF energy delivery
  • Hande, tubes with luer locks
  • Cable with 5-pin connector

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Kit, Pack, or Tray

Single Use

Made With DEHP

Product Brand

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Name Value
Made With DEHP No
Single Use True
Product Brand COOLIEF*
Kit, Pack, or Tray False