AVANOS* Radiofrequency Equipment – Generator


The Pain Management Generator is to be used in conjunction with separately approved probes. It is also intended to stimulate nerve cells by delivering low-frequency pulses in either voltage or current controlled modes to aid in probe placement.

Product Features

  • Lightweight and portable with a large LCD display
  • User-friendly, real-time graphical interface displays temperature, time, voltage and impedance
  • Intuitive, easy-to-follow navigation is easy to learn quickly, with no need to wade through complicated screens
  • Smart sensing buttons respond quickly to the touch and can reduce procedure time
  • Simple one-step set-up: with just one push of a button, stimulation begins
  • True plug-and-play system with intelligent probe recognition
  • Just plug in the probe and the system adapts automatically
  • Audible tone at the end of procedure alerts user that energy delivery is complete
  • Saves user settings

The dimensions and properties listed can vary within pre-established specifications. This page was created using the most recent information. In the interest of continuous improvement, the characteristics of the product may change without prior notice.