Perform Continuous Peripheral Nerve Blocks in a Single Shot

Announcing QUIKBLOC* Catheter with Improved Ease of Insertion

While faster, most single-shot nerve blocks will fail to reduce pain 24 hours after surgery. Conversely, continuous peripheral nerve blocks (CPNB) with the ON-Q* Pain Relief System can provide opioid free pain relief for up to 5 days after surgery, however can take longer to perform.1

Designed with physician input, the ON-Q* QuikBloc* Over-The-Needle Catheter delivers both the convenience of single-shots and the effectiveness of CPNB therapy in one simple step.

And now, we have improved its ease of insertion by 58%, making it even easier to use.

  • Time-Saving – Perform continuous peripheral nerve blocks faster than traditional through-the-needle techniques
  • Minimal catheter dislodgement – 30-Times more holding power
  • Reduced likelihood of leakage
  • Proprietary catheter securement device customizes fit for bonded catheter hub
  • Available in non-stimulating and stimulating configurations

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  1. Carvalho, B., Yun, R.D., Mariano, E. Continuous Versus Single-Injection Peripheral Nerve Blocks: A Prospective Cohort Study Comparing Procedural Time and Estimated Personnel Cost. The Open Anesthesiology Journal, 2015, 9, p1-5.
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