Avanos welcomes our American Society of Regional Anesthesia & Pain Medicine Colleagues! Avanos Medical provides a non-opioid continuum of care before, during and after surgery with our innovative brands COOLIEF*Cooled Radiofrequency, ON-Q* Pain Relief System, and ambIT* Electronic Pain Control System. Our full-service portfolio of leading-edge, opioid-sparing pain management solutions deliver confidence, so you can get your patients back to what matters. Enjoy our resources provided below and feel free to contact one of our representatives today.

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The ON-Q* Pain Relief System is a non-narcotic elastomeric pump that automatically and continuously delivers a regulated flow of local anesthetic to a patient’s surgical site or in close proximity to nerves, providing targeted pain relief for up to five days.

With the ON-Q* Pain Relief System, patients:

  • Went home an average of 1.1 days sooner
  • Reported up to 69% lower pain scores
  • Were up to 3x as likely to report high satisfaction scores
  • Are more likely to experience better pain management with fewer side effects


In light of the opioid epidemic, Dr. Jon Y. Zhou discusses Erector Spinae Plane Blocks for postoperative analgesia.

Dr. Schmutzler discusses ESP blocks and how he incorporated this novel block into his practice.


The ambIT* Electronic Pain Control System is a small and light weight pump that flows local anesthetic medication to relieve your pain after surgery. It continuously or intermittently delivers medication that blocks pain in the area of your procedure.


  • More comfortable recovery after surgery
  • Better pain relief without the side effects of narcotics
  • Quicker return to normal
  • Earlier release from the hospital
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The new COOLIEF* Cooled RF System simplifies RF ablation and is designed for intuitive usability. The COOLIEF* Cooled RF system is comprised of a newly designed 80 Watt RF generator, quad pump unit and therapy cables which enable physicians to perform a full spectrum of RF procedures including Cooled, Standard, Pulsed, TransDiscal, and dual Bipolar RF.

The new COOLIEF* RF System provides users with innovation-driven features including:

  • Intuitive User Interface: Simplified system with touchscreen and custom physician profiles
  • Independent Channel Control: Start, stop and adjust on 4 independent channels
  • Powerful Performance: 80 watt upgradeable generator
  • Multiple Treatment Options: Performs cooled, standard and pulsed RF
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