Using Regional Analgesia to Increase Hospital Efficiency and Patient Care

Financial and Clinical Benefits of the ON-Q* Pain Relief System

Hospitals are increasingly trying to deliver more effective pain management, increase patient satisfaction scores, and reduce opioid-related side-effects. By making use of multi-modal techniques, including regional analgesia, hospitals will be well-equipped to accomplish these goals.

The article, How Hospitals are Increasing Efficiency and Through-put With Regional Analgesia, discusses how regional analgesia delivered by the ON-Q* Pain Relief System can aid in driving efficiencies and improving clinical outcomes. The article discusses:

  • Utilizing multimodal methods to reduce exposure to hospital-acquired infections and opioid complications
  • Making use of regional analgesia in managing trauma pain and potentially freeing up beds
  • Minimizing device alarms on the nursing floor for better care and more peaceful rest for patients
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