Why Do Physicians Choose Continuous Local Infusion for Post-Surgical Pain?

Benefits of Titratable Local Analgesics

With numerous options available, why are surgeons and anesthesiologists choosing to adopt continuous local infusion pumps for inpatient and outpatient post-surgical pain management? In Continuous Local Infusion: Our Choice for Non-Opioid Pain Management for Post-Surgical Patients, anesthesiologist Dr. Bowling and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Tifford offer their insight into how this treatment option has proven more effective than alternatives like single-dose injections and opioids in their practice.

Delve into the unique set of benefits for patients and find out how this solution has become increasingly well-aligned with healthcare industry changes. Download the article for a peer-to-peer perspective on

  • Recovery factors such as pain and mobility
  • Alignment with healthcare trends
  • Protocols such as Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) and other fast-track initiatives
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