The First and Only FDA Approved Cooled Radiofrequency Ablation Chronic Pain Treatment

COOLIEF* Results in Relief

When chronic pain becomes debilitating, COOLIEF* Cooled RF can alleviate this pain and may provide a functional solution for patients who are not good candidates for surgery. With COOLIEF* Cooled RF, water-cooled electrodes enable more RF energy to be delivered than traditional RF, creating lesions that distally-project more than 45% beyond the probe’s tip, resulting in a spherically-shaped lesion that can reach up to 12mm in width.

A Summary of Cooled Radiofrequency Clinical Results, informs physicians on the applications of COOLIEF* cooled RF supplemented with various studies based on patients’ experiences with COOLIEF* including:

  • COOLIEF* SINERGY* Sacroiliac Cooled Radiofrequency
  • COOLIEF* TRANSDISCAL* Disc Biacuplasty Cooled Radiofrequency
  • COOLIEF* Thoracic Cooled Radiofrequency
  • COOLIEF* Knee Cooled Radiofrequency
  • COOLIEF* Hip Cooled Radiofrequency

There are inherent risks in all medical devices. For more detail on indications, cautions, warnings and contraindications, click here.

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