COOLIEF*: An Alternative Pain Management Treatment

Why You Should Consider COOLIEF*

Opioid prescriptions are often given to patients as a first-line treatment for both acute and chronic pain, although long-term effectiveness has not been proven. That is why pain medicine specialist, Dr. Timothy Lubenow considers alternative treatments for his chronic pain patients.

COOLIEF* cooled RF, is known as a revolutionary, minimally-invasive treatment option targeting pain sources, has been clinically documented to provide chronic back pain patients up to 24 months of pain relief, improved physical function, and reduced drug utilization. Dr. Lubenow’s patient, Barbara Ford, experienced utter joy after the thirty-minute procedure that took place in the operating room.+The video further explores:

  • When it is time to consider cooled RF
  • The benefits of COOLIEF*
  • Details about administering COOLIEF*

There are inherent risks in all medical devices. For more detail on indications, cautions, warnings and contraindications, click here.

Timothy R. Lubenow, MD

Dr. Lubenow is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist and Pain Medicine expert currently serving as the medical director of Rush University Medical Center. In his 35 years of medical experience, Dr. Lubenow has been awarded more than 9 times for his work in the Anesthesiology field and has 81 peer reviewed publications.

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