Combating the Opioid Epidemic Through Effective Partnership

The Unknown Role of the Pain Specialist

Understanding the pain specialist’s role and benefit to patients is particularly relevant at a time when the population is aging, and the opioid epidemic continues to swell. Increased awareness of the opioid epidemic has made opioid pain medication a less favorable form of treatment.

The Truth About Pain Specialists by Jeffrey R. Lyman, MD sheds light on the role of pain management doctors and the benefits of collaborating with them. Read the article and discover how:

  • Working with a group of trusted pain specialists can benefit your patients
  • Assistance from pain specialists assures patients that their concerns are being listened to
  • Collaborating with a pain specialist provides the most informed, customized care to treat patients’ chronic pain

Jeffrey R. Lyman, MD

Dr. Lyman is a board certified orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Lyman is active in the fields of medical research and innovation. He has taught national courses on computer navigation in knee replacement and has published papers in the fields of ACL reconstruction, cartilage injury, and tendinopathy.

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