The Importance of Alternative Pain Management Solutions

Positive Results Without Opioids

In the article How the Opioid Epidemic is Impacting Pain Management and Driving the Development of Non-Narcotic Treatment Options by Lisa Kudlacz, physicians will learn more about the opioid epidemic and how their current screening methods for selecting pain management systems plays an important role in combating it.

The article highlights key information about:

  • The opioid epidemic and prescribing practices
  • Pain management screenings
  • Combating opioid addiction

Lisa Kudlacz

Lisa Kudlacz is the Vice President and General Manager for Avanos’s Interventional Pain Management division and most recently was named the first SEMDA MedTech woman of the year. Lisa has over 25 years of healthcare marketing and sales experience. Prior to her current position, Lisa led a team that developed strategic and tactical growth plans for Integrated Healthcare Networks, focusing on selling the entire Kimberly Clark Health Care portfolio.

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