Pain Management Physicians and Your Chronic Pain Patients

The Role an Orthopedic Specialists May Play in the Treatment Algorithm

It is important for orthopedic specialists to have clarification around the many misperceptions that exist about pain management physicians. Many believe PMPs act as opioid pharmacies, when in fact, many consider every alternative pain management solution prior to prescribing. In fact, outside of being pain management physicians, PMPs are also pain medicine specialists and focus on the “the study of pain, prevention of pain, and the evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of persons in pain.” 1

In the article 5 Things Orthopedic Specialists Need to Know About Pain Management Physicians, orthopedic specialist, Dr. Jeffrey R. Lyman explains how to tackle the challenge of what to do with chronic pain patients by exploring:

  • How pain management physicians may help patients
  • Which chronic pain patients may benefit from treatment by a pain management physician
  • The importance of collaborating with pain management physicians on certain patient


Jeffrey R. Lyman, MD

Dr. Lyman is a board certified orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Lyman is active in the fields of medical research and innovation. He has taught national courses on computer navigation in knee replacement and has published papers in the fields of ACL reconstruction, cartilage injury, and tendinopathy.

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