How Early Pain Assessment Leads to Proper Care

Leveraging Patient Information to Create a Treatment Plan

As physicians consider alternative pain management solutions for chronic pain, Dr. Sean Li explains why it is important to get ahead of conducting early pain assessments on patients, and how a patient’s tolerance of pain, for example, can be leveraged to drive treatment decisions.

In the article, Why Early Pain Assessment is Critical in the Treatment Cycle Dr. Li provides insight into the importance of learning:

  • What information can be gathered from pain assessments
  • The importance of a thorough functional and emotional assessment
  • How assessments can be leveraged to determine a treatment plan

Sean Li, MD

Dr. Li is board certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine and is a clinical investigator participating in FDA approved clinical trials in pain medicine. Dr. Li has authored peer reviewed papers and book chapters in the field of interventional pain medicine. He also serves on the integrity committee of ASIPP, teaching faculty for the NANS fellow's course, and as course director for NJSIPP annual meetings.

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