The Importance of Quality Patient Care

Developing Clinically Appropriate Patient Care

In the article, Becoming the Expert & Sharing Your Knowledge, physicians learn about ways to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction. It is critical to be thoughtful when considering with whom to communicate, the information you are sending to other specialists, and the frequency of your communications. These factors play a significant role in ultimately providing your patients with proper care.

The article by Pain Physician Dr. Mehul Desai highlights key recommendations for helping your patient reach chronic pain relief by:

  • Recognizing differing pain management needs
  • Asking the right questions to provide your patient with appropriate treatments
  • Communicating effectively to share your knowledge

Mehul J. Desai, MD, MPH

Dr. Desai is board certified in Pain Medicine and Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. Dr. Desai has authored several book chapters and has two textbooks in progress. He serves as a peer educator, hosting physician visits and teaching advanced pain medicine techniques to physicians both nationally and globally

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