The Long-Term Financial Impacts of Using Opioids for Postoperative Pain

Measures for Reducing Hospital Costs

Opioids are often identified as a potential risk factor for patients, but they can also be a financial burden in hospitals and health systems. Hospitals looking to cut costs might want to consider implementing alternative pain treatment options and other measures for improving postoperative pain management.

The unexpected costs associated with opioids and improperly managed pain can factor into a hospital’s bottom line through a number of avenues explored in the brief What Hospitals Don’t See: Hidden Costs of Inadequate Pain Management by Bobbie Gerhart, owner, Gerhart & Associates, LLC and former president of Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, OH. Download this piece to learn:

  • What hidden costs are associated with opioids
  • How opioids affect hospital metrics and talent attraction
  • Measures that can improve your pain management program
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