Who’s to Blame for the Opioid Epidemic?

Key Factors Perpetuating Opioid Addiction

Why are Americans prescribed opioids at a rate 80% higher than that of other countries? From toothaches to major surgery, opioids are the go-to pain treatment despite a growing body of evidence revealing its role as a gateway to addiction. The culture of treating symptoms rather than disease has resulted in rampant over-prescribing of drugs that can easily become more dangerous to patients’ health than the condition they were prescribed for.

The article Opioid Addiction is Not a Drug Problem examines the factors throughout the healthcare system perpetuating long-term addiction, starting at the top. Download the article to delve into key questions surrounding the issue, such as:

  • How great is the opioid epidemic?
  • Who is to blame?
  • How should the epidemic be addressed?
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