What Physicians Can Do to Improve Patient Experience

Managing the Most Important Factor

The quality of experience your patient has during and after their surgery can determine whether they will return to you for their other ailing shoulder. Many considerations factor into patient satisfaction throughout the facility, but surgeons and anesthesiologists have the unique task of managing a patient’s pain. For the majority of patients, pain management is the most significant factor in patient satisfaction[i].

Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Brett Cascio’s litmus test for patient satisfaction is repeat business. In the brief The Physician’s Role in Improving Patient Satisfaction, he explains how to achieve this on an ongoing basis through the following activities:

  • Managing patient anxiety and expectations
  • Selecting the appropriate pain management solution
  • Team collaboration and communication

[i] Maher D, Paostsurgical Pain Control Linked to Patient Satisfaction with Hospital Experience, The American Academy of Pain Medicine, 2014.

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