Is it possible to perform same-day total knee arthroplasty?

Make Same-Day Complex Surgeries Possible

Operating in an ASC grants physicians more control over their surgical practices, but the prolonged recovery time associated with certain complex surgeries has historically prevented doctors from doing these surgeries outside a hospital. Postoperative pain can have a significant impact on recovery and is often underestimated and undertreated.

In the article, The Challenges of Managing Post-Surgical Outcomes in ASCS, orthopedic surgeons Dr. Kayiaros and Dr. Harwood from University Center for Ambulatory Surgery in Somerset, NJ, describe how they have utilized continuous peripheral nerve blocks to improve recovery by reducing opioid consumption and associated side effects.

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  • How many popular post-surgical treatment approaches impair healing and result in extended length of stay
  • How continuous peripheral nerve blocks compare to opioids
  • How post-surgical pain pumps make it possible to perform surgeries like total knee replacements as same-day operations
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