Give Patients the Best Postoperative Recovery Experience

How One Orthopedic Surgeon Makes Same-Day Surgery Possible

Orthopedic patients who get to recover at home after surgery have the benefit of superior sleep quality, reduced risk of infection[i], and a better overall experience. These advantages have prompted an increasing number of orthopedic surgeons to adjust their approach to allow for same-day surgery.

Dr. Jeffrey Mokris is one such surgeon who has found that his patients prefer these types of surgical plans. Using methods implemented in his practice, he is able to send over half his patients home the day of their operation. In the article Improving the Patient Experience Through Same-Day Orthopedic Surgeries, he explains why the following factors are crucial to successful execution:

  • A multimodal pain management approach[i]
  • Narcotics reduction
  • A solid surgical plan


[i] Parvizi J, Bloom eld MR. Multimodal pain management in orthopedics: implications for joint arthroplasty surgery. Orthopedics. 2013 Feb;36(2 Suppl):7-14.

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